SF Museum Groundbreaking Show Survival Research Labs 1992

SF Museum Groundbreaking Show Survival Research Labs 1992

SRL performed at the groundbreaking ceremony for the SF Museum of Modern Art, effectively shutting down the SF downtown area for about 15 min! Edited and Directed By Leslie Asako Gladsjo.

The Museum was so pleased with the SRL show that they actually attempted to sue us a few months later. Recently, when speaking to a museum employee conducting research into the 1992 Groundbreaking for inclusion into the new ribbon cutting at the rebuilt SFMOMA, SRL was informed that the Museum had systematically removed all reference to SRL even being at the 1992 Groundbreaking! The only remaining historical document is this SRL produced video.

It takes serious skills to stage a show at a major museum that would provoke them into completely rewriting the show out of their own history. SRL says: Mission Accomplished!! Also, its still not too late to invite us for the Ribbon Cutting…..

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