Top 10 Worst Reasons You Hated The Last Jedi

Top 10 Worst Reasons You Hated The Last Jedi

If you’re wondering if I’m the worst person to be facebook friends with if you want to rant about star wars, you’re wondering right.


Also I know reports of War of the Worlds broadcast scaring people were greatly exaggerated and are kind of a modern myth akin to the idea of lemmings running off cliffs. It just is a widely known myth and felt like a good illustration of what I was talking about.

Click your concern not worth acknowledging in this list:
Holdo has purple hair wtf –
Kylo Ren’s face bandage is gross to look at –
Rey is too good at lifting rocks it feels unearned –
There are 3 powerful female characters and only 5 powerful male characters, is this some kind of feminist propaganda –
I’m a Kylux shipper and upsettingly Kylo only choked Hux once –

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