How LaserDisc Ultimately Won the Format Wars

How LaserDisc Ultimately Won the Format Wars

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On January 14, 2009, LaserDisc officially died. Of course, the shiny, 12-inch optical disc that once competed with VHS and Betamax in the home video market spun into oblivion long before. However, it was that Wednesday in January seven years ago that Pioneer – the last remaining company to make the devices – declared they were ceasing production after making a final run of 3,000 LaserDisc players, bringing the total made to just under 17 million units. “Under the market environment in which new media such as DVD and Blu-ray Discs now dominate, it has become difficult for Pioneer to procure the parts required to produce LD players,” read Pioneer’s press release. “Consequently Pioneer has been forced to terminate production of its LD products.”

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