Der Zerhacker.

Der Zerhacker.

I built this machine because I need to prepare some hundered DIY solderkits [0] with SMD parts.
Each kit has 8 different SMD parts.
Cutting up thousands of parts by hand is not a fun activity.

Building robots is. 🙂

The machine consists of:
– 2 Stepper motors
– 1 IR Light barrier
– Arduino Pro Mini
– Buzzer
– Nokia 5110 Display
– 3 Buttons
– 2 fans
– 2 L298N stepper driver boards
– good scissors
– various 3D-printed parts
– a marker

It moves the belt over an optical sensor to scan for the holes in the belt.
You can define how many holes you want to pass trough before cutting.
The scissors are drawn back by a spring and pushed down by one stepper using rollerblade ball bearings.
The belt is moved along a marker that puts some color on the backside of the stripe so i have colored segments.
Each part in the kit has another color.
That saves a lot of time when packing the kits.

UPDATE: Quite some people asked for the sources.. here are the files [2]

[0] what?
[1] how?
[2] files?

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