NIGHT TIME COZY | Fall Unboxing

NIGHT TIME COZY | Fall Unboxing

Hello marzipans! Today we get to open up my autumn subscription box. You can find it here:
Grab the ‘cozy pack’ here:

Psst! Use the code POPSOCKET to get free shipping on my website. Unfortunately it won’t work if you order a subscription box, but it will if you buy anything else available! 🙂

Blue​ ​Lagoon:​ ​Save​ ​20%​ ​on​ ​your​ ​order​ ​using​ ​​cutiepie20​ ​​at​ ​checkout:​ ​​
Pretty​ ​Vulgar​ ​On​ ​Point​ ​Liquid​ ​Eyeliner​ ​Pen​ ​(US​ ​and​ ​Canada):​ ​​
Pretty​ ​Vulgar​ ​On​ ​Point​ ​Liquid​ ​Eyeliner​ ​Pen​ ​(International):​ ​​
Kenra​ ​Volume​ ​Spray:​ ​​
Hello​ ​Extra-Whitening​ ​Fluoride​ ​Toothpaste​ ​in​ ​Pure​ ​Mint:​ ​​
DERMA​ ​E​ ​Overnight​ ​Peel:​ ​​
Crabtree​ ​&​ ​Evelyn​ ​Lavender​ ​&​ ​Espresso​ ​Body​ ​Lotion:​ ​​
Borghese​ ​Restorative​ ​Eye​ ​Sheet​ ​Mask:​ ​​
Boie​ ​USA​ ​Toothbrush:​​ ​​
Soap​ ​and​ ​Glory​ ​Sexy​ ​Mother​ ​Pucker​ ​Lip​ ​Plumping​ ​Gloss:​ ​​
Creamy​ ​Pop​ ​Stickers​ ​&​ ​Buttons:​ ​​
Honest​ ​Beauty​ ​Refreshing​ ​Gel​ ​Cleanser:​ ​​
Yes​ ​To​ ​Grapefruit​ ​Sleeping​ ​Mask:​ ​​
Agadir:​ ​​

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❤FTC – This video is a promotion to my own subscription box as well as the brands included in it.

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