My New Baby!!

My New Baby!!

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Please do leave comments below of what kind of pregnancy/baby videos you’d be interested in seeing. I want to do hauls for baby clothes and gadgets. Maybe unboxings of bigger things like prams (good grief I L.O.V.E. prams and strollers so this is super exciting to me), swings, furniture etc but also I want to give honest accounts of how pregnancy feels, going beyond just the physical symptoms and touching on the emotional journey new life brings. Basically, THIS IS SO EXCITING and I can’t wait to share so much of it with you!!!

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Hi, I’m Louise! I started this channel in 2009 after readers of my blog (also called Sprinkle of Glitter) suggested I give YouTube a try. I was instantly hooked and have found my internet playground on here. I make videos about beauty & fashion, positive living, motherhood, lifestyle and occasionally have special guests (friends, kittens or my sweet Daughter Darcy). Hit the subscribe button to never miss a video again!

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Louise xxx

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